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John Patterson, CEO of the company shares about how he became involved in ACE Tooling and what sets it apart from other companies in the field. 















Q: How did you become involved in ACE? 

A: In August of 2017, my company Patterson Precision Manufacturing, Inc., purchased ACE. I have been fully involved in the day to day operations and management of the company since that time. 

Q. What are your personal and company values?

A. My personal values are to live every day with a personal commitment to honesty, fulfillment and peace.  Some days I am more successful than others at this commitment.  

In our company, we approach each challenge as an opportunity to improve, every day.

Q. Why should potential clients choose to work with you?

A. We provide a turnkey solution to our customers with highly skilled engineering, design and manufacturing options for all levels of project execution.  Our team is able to adapt quickly to customer updates and revisions while maintaining important deadlines. Our feedback loop is real time with one-on-one interaction for the customer.

Q. What sets ACE apart from its competitors?

A. ACE Tooling, Inc. has provided customer solutions in the aerospace industry since 1968.  We are a company with decades of experience in all facets of project execution, and also fully skilled in the latest technology the industry demands.  We offer an unmatched level of experience and skill combined with the best technology available.

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